The VMware NSX Platform – Healthcare Series Part 1 – Intro

At VMware, I’m part of a dedicated team of professionals that are focused solely on Healthcare organizations.  My role is around providing NSX specialist support to my customers.  If you’re in the Healthcare field, you know that Healthcare has a vastly different approach when it comes to business goals than say Financial or Retail.  Healthcare customers are focused on patient care, driving down costs, security of patient information, and how fast they can innovate their services to their patients. Healthcare also brings up interesting and different challenges from a business and use case perspective.  We believe that the NSX platform can help organization with the business goals that matter to them, and more specifically we’re going to examine how Healthcare organizations can benefit.

The NSX platform is one of the three pillars in VMware’s Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC) approach.  When extended to our Compute virtualization platform, vSphere, and our Software Defined Storage platform, VSAN, the NSX platform provides the software networking portion of the infrastructure that allows an organization to drive Application-based policy through the entire infrastructure stack.


Similar to how vSphere disrupted the hardware compute business by removing dependency on specific hardware to run application workloads, the NSX platform is doing the same for the networking hardware layer. We’re not saying the hardware layer is not important and/or irrelevant, but driving application-based policies through hardware intelligence is something that can often times require specific and even proprietary hardware to accomplish.  With a software-defined approach, customers can choose the hardware of their choice and budget, and layer on the same hardware intelligence through software products and gain speed and agility, but not at the cost of security.  This means the focus of organizations moves to the application where it should be, and less on the hardware-based infrastructure.

When looking at a Healthcare organization and asking how the NSX platform can help achieve their goals, we need to examine the NSX use cases and find out how they apply to a Healthcare organization.  The NSX platform provides several outcomes for organizations:



As you can see, the NSX platform is truly a strategic platform, and not simply a tactical solution for one business goal a customer wishes to accomplish.  The NSX platform extends into multiple areas of the infrastructure and customers are seeing tremendous benefits.  While some customers often start with a single use case, we’re seeing our customers immediately find other use cases for the product.  Over the next series of blog posts, we will be digging into each of the use cases for the NSX platform listed above and how these use cases are applying to Healthcare organizations.


2 thoughts on “The VMware NSX Platform – Healthcare Series Part 1 – Intro

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