What a year…

Yes I know there’s still a month left in the year.  To say this year was a great year would be a complete understatement. I made some hard promises to myself this year, and I’m really amazed where things have come and where they are going.

On the professional front –

I dug into Twitter and got involved. Apparently people think what I have to say is worthy enough to listen to. I do try and use Twitter to actually purvey worthy to read information and support for the community. There are the occasional ‘what beer I’m drinking’ tweets as well. Because beer is important.

I continued to blog as much as possible. Getting involved in Twitter and being inspired by the people around me caused my blog hits to skyrocket. They’re no top 50 blog types of numbers but I’m proud that my blog has been helpful, or least it appears that way, so I’m very happy that my efforts are finding their way to someone.

I decided to toss my hat into the Virtual Design Master competition. You can read more about that over in this thread, but it was nothing short of an amazing experience overall. It was well thought out, well executed, and just plain fun. I met some really great people in the competition and was fortunate enough to meet a few of them in person as well. I keep in touch with them frequently.

I started going to my VMUG meetings and treating them like normal business meetings. Doing this I made sure that VMUGs were used to learn and network with my peers and grow. Making them as important as a business meeting, it meant that I would make them mandatory to attend.

I was elected to the vExpert 2014 group. This was my first entry to the group and I was very surprised to see that I was brought in my first go around. It was great validation that what I was doing was recognized as helpful to a community that I wanted to be a part of. I’m proud to be involved in that program. It has led to talking on the vCommunity Roundtable about my VSAN homelab which was an awesome experience.

I made PernixPro this last go-around. This is a company that is doing some amazing things and if what I think they’re ultimate goal is comes to fruition, they’re going to floor the industry. Their product speaks for itself, and it works really really well. Really great people in all the areas of their organization. I’m glad they found my contributions useful and invited me. Looking forward to see what they’ll do next.

On the personal front –

My wife and I celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary this year. If I said it was easy, I would be lying, but she has supported me and stood by through everything and that’s saying a lot. I’m a lucky guy and I can’t wait to share another 8 (and then that’s enough I think) with her. Love ya baby!

My daughter celebrated her first birthday. No one can explain how much you’ll love a child until you actually have one. There’s really nothing like it and I wouldn’t change it ever. Every day it’s just amazing to watch what happens when she learns something new or does something and makes us laugh.

On December 30th, or before that maybe, my wife will be giving birth to our new daughter. We’re both really looking forward to meeting her and my oldest is ready as well. It’s yet another milestone for our little family and we’re both really excited, although I’m probably going to have to arm myself for when they start dating.

Last but definitely not least –

On December 15th I will be joining VMware as a Senior Systems Engineer for Healthcare. The decision to leave was very tough for me. I’ve been working with two of the same guys for 10 and 5 year respectively. You get used to how people work and when you find that great collaboration, you accomplish great things and it becomes difficult to move on.  These people are my family away from my family and not just people I know or work with. But just like anyone you know that’s genuinely concerned about you as a person, they embraced my decision and they know it’s the right move and support me. You can’t ask for a better way to resign than when they truly wish you well.

As a job, this is a change for me professionally to move to the pre-sales side of the house. I have lived on the customer side for my entire career.  Having talked with my family and friends about it, I’m ready to take that next career step and this is going to be a really fun ride. VMware is a great organization and I’m extremely lucky and humbled to be invited to become part of that. I’m really looking forward to working with our products more in depth and seeing the future of the products from the inside; all while helping solve my customer’s toughest business challenges.

This has been an amazing year on all fronts. Thanks to everyone that’s been a part of the journey.  I’m a very fortunate guy and while it’s nice to reminisce on 2014, I’m really looking forward to what’s in store for 2015.