Veeam Configuration Backup and Removing old Backup Repository

A little ‘Oops’ moment as we all have them.  I was cleaning up an old decommissioned site today in Veeam and I ran across a small error that I figured I would share. When you setup Veeam you can setup ‘configuration backup’ to a repository to backup the Veeam configuration. I was storing my configuration backups on a remote repository, however forgot that it was the repository I was removing that I had put them on. When I went to remove the old repository I was met with a message (I fixed the issue before I snapped the screenshot of the actual error, sorry!):

“<backup repository name> is used for configuration backup.”

It also makes mention to change the backup repository for storing the configuration backup to another before you’re able to remove the backup repository. I took a look at the History tab and found this error as well.


The error tells you what to do, but it may not be intuitive and you could be searching for a little bit. Honestly I only go into this menu to check licensing status. I figured I’d put up a post to show you what it’s talking about. You gain access to the Configuration Backup settings through the Veeam console settings menu.

veeam_config_backup2Then change the repository to a new remote location to store the .bco files for your configuration.

veeam_config_backup3Easy stuff but annoyed me for about 15 minutes while I hunt and pecked around for it.  Now that I changed the location of the backup, I can safely remove the decommissioned backup repository.


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