Getting the PernixData FVP Acceleration Policy from the CLI

When I was building out the PernixData/SnapMirror script, I was playing around with the ‘Set-PrnxAccelerationPolicy’ command. What I noticed that there wasn’t any ‘Get-PrnxAccelerationPolicy’. A quick tweet and I got response from the PernixData product management, Bala Narasimhan. He pointed me to a command that you can run that will give you some feedback and you can figure this out pretty easily. This command is only available within FVP 1.5.

The first thing we need to do is pull up the lab. I have two datastores and a VM that are being accelerated in both write-through and write-back to demonstrate the differences.

pernix_accel_cli_pic1We’re going to run the following commands to list out the policy. Per Bala, we’re not going to see ‘Write-Back’ or ‘Write-through’ in the output. We’ll see a number returned. The numbers represent the policy being applied.

pernix_accel_cli_pic2As you can see we’re getting the ‘cachePolicy’ value of 3 and of 7. These values represent:

3 – Write-Through

7 – Write-Back

Thanks again Bala for the quick help!

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