VMware VirtualCenter Management Webservices won’t start

I promise to get back to my NCDA study guide when time permits but I’m currently building two data centers and it’s consuming my days and my evenings have been more for relaxing.

This isn’t anything ground-breaking but since it seemed kind of obscure, I figured I’d post it if for anything as a reminder to myself to check this if I see it again.  As I was building out my second vCenter in my other primary data center, I noticed when I linked the two sites together that I was having issues with the vCenter Hardware Status plugin on my remote vCenter when I’d launch the vSphere Client.


Looking into I noticed that the VMware VirtualCenter Management Webservices service was set to Automatic, however was not started.  When I attempted to start the service I was met with a very vague error. service_start_error

Doing some quick searching brought me to this KB article.  However, the memory size was the exact same on my local vCenter and it was running just fine.  As I started to look through the other settings in the Tomcat configuration and comparing the broken vCenter to the working one, I noticed this.


Not Workingtomcat_not_working

A simple copy paste and the service fired right up.  Again, not ground-breaking stuff but irritating.

3 thoughts on “VMware VirtualCenter Management Webservices won’t start

  1. Im having the same issue, but cant figure out where to find the webmanagement services properties page as you show on your article. Its not listed under Start menu, or in VMWare directory

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