NCDA Study: Blueprint Breakdown

The NCDA covers a ton of information needed to know about not only NetApp hardware, but NetApp software.  NetApp provides a great document that covers some highlights of the things you need to know to get started studying for the exam.  I’ll be using this as a template but digging deeper into each section than the NS0-154 study guide offers.  However the study guide does provide a very good structure to learning the material.  Below I’m going to list out each section and the deeper look at each subject.  

We’ll be using the product documentation from the NOW site.  Since the NS0-154 exam covers ONTAP 8.0, we’ll need to study that documentation.  You should be able to download the docs using a guest NOW account.  You’ll need to go into the archive section to get the 8.0 docs.  These are the documents that you’ll need. 
  • System Administrator Guide
  • Storage Administrator Guide
  • High Availability Configuration Guide
  • File Access and Protocols Management Guide
  • Block Access Management Guide
  • Data Protection Online Backup and Recovery Guide
  • Data Protection Tape Backup and Recovery Guide
  • Commands:  Manual Page Reference, Volume 1
  • Commands:  Manual Page Reference, Volume 2
  • Core Command Quick Reference

For the breakdown of the sections I put this into a PDF to download.  It was just too immense to put as a post on the site.  I’ve attempted to breakdown each section as much as possible for depth.  It’s probably overkill for the exam but we’re going to deep understanding and not ‘enough to pass’ situations. 

Edit:  As I’ve been going through the sections I may change this PDF as I find a better layout or find something I missed studying.  Please bear with me in that regard.  

Download the PDF here.  

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