NCDA Lab Configuration Part 4: Virtual Machines

This is going to be a short post.  I’m not going to go through how to create virtual machines and install operating systems.  I think that’s pretty straightforward and if there are any issues, there are tons of instructional videos and walkthroughs using Google.  Looking over the NCDA Lab Template, we need to build and configure 3 virtual machines with the following applications and software programs on each.  They consist of:
Windows Server 2008 R2

  • Putty
  • System Manager installation
  • Open System SnapVault installation
  • Windows MPIO installation (Device Specific Module)
  • Host Utilities Kit
  • Java 32bit JRE 1.6 installation
  • Adobe Flash 8 or greater
  • .NET 3.5.1 installed

Red Hat Enterprise Linux – CentOS 6.1

  • No real software needed, has NFS built-in and other capabilities as well  

Windows Server 2003

  • Active Directory installed with test user accounts

Building Virtual machines with VMware workstation
Installing Active Directory Windows 2003
CentOS download
Windows Trial Software
This completes the lab build and configuration.  The next post will cover the breakdown of the blueprint and setup how we will use the lab to coincide with learning all the topics. 

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